Go Mobile or Go Missing

Google and Mobile Search

Google has indicated that it is going to create a separate mobile index within months and this will be the main index of websites that the search engine uses to respond to searches. A separate desktop index will be maintained, one that will not be as up-to-date as the main (mobile) index.

What this means is that if your website does not work properly on mobile devices (i.e. it is not a responsive design or has not got a separate mobile version) it will not be in the mobile index. Hence it will not appear in the listings when people search on a mobile. Be warned - Just because your website displays on mobile devices it does not mean it is fully mobile responsive!

To read the full article from Search Engine Land please click here..

With over half of all internet searches now performed on a smartphone you can't afford to ignore responsive design for your website.

Website appearance

As mentioned above just because a website can be seen on a smartphone does not mean it is smartphone responsive in Googles eyes.

On the left is our website as it would appear on a phone if it were not responsive. On the right is the website as it actually appears on a smartphone with a fully mobile responsive design.

If you're concerned about the prospect of your website no longer being visible in searches when the change takes place then do get in touch 01773 882704 or email info@foxxweb.co.uk

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