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Over 90% of all visitors to a website come from people using a search engine to search for something (as opposed to click-throughs from other websites). It's therefore vital that your website is firstly registered with search engines and that you then ensure it ranks highly with the major search engines.

Search engine optimisation of your website pages is the key to increasing the number of visitors and sales your website generates.

Your prospective clients will know what they are looking for and will start by searching the Internet for what they need. They will do this by entering keywords into a search engine and the results the search engine returns will relate to the website pages that the search engine thinks are the most relevant to the words used to search with.

There are two fundamental parts which make up search engine optimisation; on-page and off-page.

On-page Search Engine Optimisation

This is the content and structure of each of your web pages and it is made up of many factors such as:

Page headers, sub-headers and Meta tags

The website text (copy) on the pages

The speed that your website pages download, this also includes the size of your images

Ensuring that your website is smartphone friendly

The last point has become very important in the last couple of years and more about this can be found on our Go Mobile of Go Missing page by clicking here>>

On-page SEO Services

We can work with you to find the most appropriate keyword phrases for your business. These may not be as obvious as you might think, as what people search for may not be what you think they search for. We can then work on your website to address the factors discussed above to improve the relevance of your website content, and hence boost your website search position.

Off-page Search Engine Optimisation - Link Building

If another website has a link to your website then Google see this as a recommendation for your website and the more recommendations you get the higher up the search engine rankings you will go.

Around 70% of Google performance is down to quality inbound links. Quality meaning websites that Google considers to be important.

Off-page SEO Services

We provide a monthly link building service where we source links for your websites. Over time Google see the number of links increase and in turn your websites ranking is boosted.

Call us now on 01773 882704 for a free quote for either of the services and to see how we can make sure your website gets found.

Our proven search engine optimisation strategies will improve your ranking, increase your website traffic and ultimately increase your profits.

Here are some examples of how we have done this for our many clients ...

A doubling of sales on our ecommerce website over 12 months

We're very impressed with the SEO work undertaken by Foxxweb Design - as well as fixing a number of optimisation essentials for the website, the long-term link-building work is really paying dividends with a doubling of sales on our ecommerce site over 12 months. We now typically have first page results for the majority of our products and often we're at the top of the first page. John's candid style directs you away from unnecessary expenditure and only recommends website improvements that will provide the most effective return on your investment.

Marc, Turtle Covers Ltd, Wrexham

Receiving more enquiries and phone calls generated via my website

I have worked with Foxxweb Design for several months now and I am delighted with how our SEO work is progressing. Having invested a significant amount of money into my website design, I was concerned that it was not being seen by potential customers.

I asked Foxxweb for help and over several months my search engine ranking has increased dramatically. When we started, I was at the bottom of page three on Google for the search term 'Nottingham PR Agency' and I am now on page one. Not just on page one, but at the top or near the top consistently.

This has had a direct impact on my business. I am receiving more enquiries and phone calls generated via my website than I ever did before and have several new business meetings booked in as a result.

I would recommend Foxxweb and their SEO services to anyone looking to get noticed online and to make sure their website is doing its job... delivering potential customers.

Chris Mitchell
Managing Director
RedTree Public Relations, Nottingham

Peak Mountaineering

When we launched our website a few years ago we naively assumed that people would simply find it and the phone would ring. After we realised that this wasn't the case we contacted John at Foxxweb Design to help us with our SEO. One year on and the results have been astonishing.

Our Google Analytics stats for searches such as "rock climbing courses peak district" and "peak district climbing courses" were getting no traffic at all and now we're way into double figures for both searches for the first six months of 2013.

Our overall traffic for successful searches has gone up by nearly 60%
To see a screen shot of the Google Analytics data please click here

We would highly recommend Foxxweb Design to anyone wishing to increase the traffic to their website

Paul Lewis

Visit the Portfolio page for more examples of our work >>>