Website Development

What's the difference between web design and web development? In our opinion it's very clear, web development is using specifically written computer code to create solutions to problems for which you simply can't buy off-the-shelf packages to resolve.

So if you find yourself asking "I wonder if there's a way to do that" or "if only we could find a way to do that with our website" then get in touch now as there's a good chance that we can solve your problem.

Some examples of the sort of thing we mean are:

Multi-lingual websites

The Internet is worldwide so don't let language be the barrier to your business going global. We can create a multi-lingual website, where the users select which language they view your site in.

To make your business global at the click of a button contact us for more information. Here is an example of a multi-lingual website we've created:

Detection Technologies Limited as well as trading in the UK also have sizeable markets in other European countries. We have therefore created a website that translates into German, French and Spanish at the click of a button . Also because of the way we've designed the website we can add in the other languages with minimal changes to the website design.

Plantation Shutters cost calculator

This allows people to calculate a price for the shutters that they are looking to purchase. They enter the units they are working in (centimetres or inches). They then enter the dimensions for their window or door, and an estimated price is then shown on screen. They then have the option to send the company an email with these details asking the company to call them back to discuss a survey.

Plantation Shutters quick quote page

Please call us now on 01773 882704 or contact us via our contact page to see how we can help you with your website development requirements.

Some of our website designs

Please visit our website portfolio page for more of our website designs