WordPress Website Design

WordPress is arguably the most powerful website content management system (CMS) in existence. A CMS allows website owners like you, to make changes to their own website content, both in terms of text and images.

Benefits of WordPress to you

A CMS means your web designer is far less involved in the regular changes you wish to make to your website, which can be beneficial for two reasons:
1) You won't be waiting for changes to be made, as you can make them yourself
2) Making updates to your own website will save you money

Foxxweb Design has been using WordPress as their CMS of choice for many years, creating quality websites for all types of businesses. We can also develop additional functionality on top of existing WordPress inbuilt functionality.

A WordPress website design crafted specifically for you

There are many WordPress website themes available which can be adapted to meet the needs of a business but we mainly create our own bespoke designs, so you end up with something totally personal. Some of the designs we have created can be seen on this page.

What you can do with WordPress

Here's a list of some basic functionality that comes as standard with WordPress;

Add, edit and delete your own web pages

Maintain your own navigation bar(s)

Maintain an image gallery

Add your own videos and images

Add files for public use (such as PDF downloads)

Run a blog that can be commented on by the public

Have multiple users with different privileges. So different users can be granted access to modify different pages.

How easy is WordPress to use?

Quite simply if you can use a word processer (such as Microsoft Word) you will have little trouble using WordPress. You may require a little tutoring but we will be happy to provide this for you.

WordPress for e-commerce

WordPress is an ideal solution for most e-commerce websites. There are a number of e-commerce plugins that can be added to the standard WordPress functionality so you then have an easy to use CMS and an e-commerce platform at a very competitive price.

We normally use the WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce but others are available such as Jigoshop and WP eCommerce.

Search Engine Optimisation of WordPress

In a nutshell, WordPress websites pages can be easily and effectively search engine optimised allowing the website to be effortlessly found in Google searches. There are a number of SEO plugins available that facilitate the process of getting the core elements of web pages search engine optimised and Google friendly.

Please call us now on 01773 882704 or contact us via our contact page to see how we can improve your online presence with a WordPress website.

Some of our websites built using WordPress

Wordpress Website Design
Wordpress Website Design
Wordpress Website Design
Wordpress Website Design

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